Based in rural Dorset...

Sadie has a background in sales and marketing and a degree in business and finance. Working for companies such as BUPA and the Training and Enterprise Council, Sadie has always had a love for design.

Moving around the country to support her husband’s career has given her plenty of opportunities and experience to develop her talents. Her portfolio includes renovation of a Victorian semi, and an Edwardian house in Hampshire, a 17th century manor house in Yorkshire and an old manse in Shaftesbury in Dorset. More recently she has worked with her husband to transform an old 1950’s bungalow into a modern contemporary home.

Always ambitious, Sadie decided to take her skills a step further and in 2014 completed a year long design course at the Bournemouth University for Arts to improve her drawing skills. With a natural eye for style and colour Sadie decided to pursue her love of design full time.

"I think many of us live in a house and don’t really look at our surroundings. If you have lived in a property for a long time, you probably feel comfortable with the faded wallpaper and clutter that we all accumulate over the years. It may be the time for an update."