Fall back in love with your home again


Thinking of a home make-over but don’t know where to start?


What do you want out of your home?

Less clutter

More space


"New Home" feel

Moving house is expensive and not always necessary to get the home you want.

Look at using your rooms in a different way and re-evaluate your furniture and furnishings as these can totally transform your house into the home you deserve.

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"After being turned down for a conservatory extension we gave up on the idea. We then met with SadieDesigns who offered to go back to the Planning Authority and they came up with an acceptable alternative.

This was done very quickly and a suitable, trustworthy builder was found. SadieDesigns took over all the organisation and negotiations and we were left with choosing floor tiles, door furniture etc - all sourced by the SadieDesigns team.

We are in our eighties and this was vital to us, as we didn't feel able to cope with any of the problems the builders might bring. Sadie visited the site virtually every day to check all was well - we couldn't recommend SadieDesigns enough."

Quite often we live in houses which are perfectly adequate in terms of the amount of space they provide, but the layout just doesn’t work.

You may have lived there for a long time and moving is not an option.

We offer a free initial no obligation consultation, giving you the opportunity to explore the potential your existing home has.